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The Criminal Justice Program at UT offers two unique Bachelor’s degrees; students can earn a degree in Criminal Justice with either an emphasis in Criminology or Digital Defense and Security. These Bachelor degree emphases are unique in the state, as no other Criminal Justice program in Utah offers a four year degree in this discipline with these specialized areas of training. These distinct areas of study combined with new facilities for Criminal Justice students make this program at UT a truly unique educational experience.

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Criminal Justice BA/BS Criminology Emphasis

The Criminology emphasis prepares students to analyze criminal behavior by using established criminological theory and appropriate research methods. Areas of study in this emphasis include victimology, policing, juvenile delinquency, and crimes against humanity.

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Criminal Justice BA/BS Digital Defense & Security

The Digital Defense and Security emphasis prepares students to analyze threatening and criminal behavior in digital spaces. Areas of study in this emphasis include programming, networking, and information security. Students apply their training in a culminating internship experience in the Digital Forensic Crime Lab at UT or a similar lab.

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Criminal Justice AS

The Criminal Justice Major is an interdisciplinary program that combines the study of criminal law, law enforcement, and criminology, providing a firm foundation for a myriad of careers. This course of study exposes students to the interconnected nature of the criminal justice system and explores criminological explanations for crime commission.

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While there is no established major for Pre-Law students at Utah Tech University, we suggest Pre-Law students chose a major which interests them and they select supplemental elective courses. Curriculum guidance is readily available and students considering entering the legal profession are urged to consult with a pre-law advisor early in their undergraduate career.

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Digital Forensics Crime Lab

The Digital Forensics Crime Lab (DFCL) conducts analyses and extraction of data on cell phones, computers, and other types of digital media and provides the information to those requesting law enforcement agencies. Students meeting specific criteria are now able to work side by side with a DFCL analyst.

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Our Mission

The Criminal Justice Program provides students with the skills to search for knowledge by means of scientific methods and research. Students learn to appreciate and understand that behavior results from complex interaction between psychological, biological, and sociological factors. Students will integrate a variety of theoretical perspectives and appreciate the power of applied criminology to foster physical, social, and communal well-being. The program inspires students to act ethically as scholars and as future participants in the field of criminal justice; to use critical thinking as students, scholars, consumers of media, and targets of influence; and to commit themselves to a lifetime pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Define the major components of the Criminal Justice system and the fundamental processes that take place therein.
  • Select primary criminological theories and outline their causal arguments.
  • Employ correct criminological theory to address criminal behavior, crime trends, or Criminal Justice policy/practice.


Lish Harris, Ph.D.

Department Chair


Phone: 435-879-4423

Office: Univeristy Plaza D, 103E

Kristi Jones

Support Specialist


Phone: 435-879-4428

Office: University Plaza D, 103

Michele Tisdale, MS



Phone: 435-879-4424

Office: University Plaza D, 103A

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Vince Brown, JD

Faculty Mentor


Phone: 435-652-7820

Office: McDonald 234